Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Waxing NFL Football.

Today in 1967 the Packers beat the Chiefs in the first ever Superbowl, thus kicking off the greatest single annual sporting event in America. Football. See I love to watch live sporting events. Its not so much the sport as it is the need to see something unpredictable. Thats just the way I roll. Now that I have a little HD in my life, I watch all kinds of stuff that just barely held my interest before. HD just makes things clearer and I never thought that that would matter, but damn if it doesn't. Some examples: In boxing, the replays of punches are freaking awesome. The sweat, the rumpling of skin, the expressions are priceless. In hockey there is no lost puck, no 12 different cameras to cover the ice, and the wide angle of HD allows you to really enjoy the flow of the game. In basketball, you can see the in close fouls, the great shake and bakes, killa net action. It makes the viewing spectacle more of an experience. Then there is football. Killa hits, great runs, spectacular catches, and of course the stadium shots. Just another example of technology making life enjoyable. But on to the meaning...

Football is America's sport. Baseball used to be. Hell back in the day, boxing and horse racing were the sports people were all about. Funny how TV changes that shit. But we tune in to every game, we buy all the shit to represent the team, and we even name our kids after the sports heros. If you don think that last part is true, just watch The Goodnight Show on the Sprout channel for kids. See every night they have this dude named Kevin read some homemade birthday cards out and they scroll a bunch of names and ages across the bottom. Every week I see some kid born in the New England area named Brady. WTF people? Stop fuckin with you kids like that? What happens if it turns out Tom Brady is a steroid cheatin fool? You just fucked your kids future. Hell what about that guy that had to change his name to Payton after the Bears lost in the Superbowl? Stupid shit. But those are examples of how extreme people take their NFL. Kinda like the rest of the world and soccer.

Ahh but I like to look at the history. The tradition. The excellence of the NFL. Why? Mostly cause there is a NFL network and I can watch football shit 24 7 now. Up on it and shit. But then I get to a point where I have to step back and watch some hockey. Or baseball. I like baseball as a compliment to the NFL. Less violent and mellow. Makes for a good change of pace. But that is another sport for another day. This post is s tribute to the 1st Superbowl and all those gentlemen who played in it. Heres to you. Heres to the multibillion dollar business you helped build. THank you for your hard work.

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