Thursday, January 31, 2008

Reading is fundamental.

Guess who got a star on the walk of fame today in 2005? Yep Keanu Reeves. Good going sport. I guess you knew this was coming since you are the one.

And else where in the annals of time, Germany declared unrestricted sub warfare in 1917. Submariners don't get the credit they deserve. Its a shit life. Not like the exciting adventures of the newly minted hero of war, the fighter pilot. But Germany saw this as the only way to be effective against the Brits and their fabulous navy. Didn't work, they still lost the war.

And i found this interesting, in 1747 the first clinic specializing in venereal diseases was opened at London Dock Hospital. Those damn British sailors were traveling all over the world and fornicating. Then bringing the crotch rot back home with them and distributing that to the population. Crazy to think that they didn't concentrate on a cure, just treating the symptoms and studying the effects. Of course all that changed with the discovery of antibiotics. Thank you antibiotics.

Thats it for your history lesson. Slow day. At least you're not all depressed like yesterdays crazy violent history day.

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