Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Dark Knight

Alright peeps. The summer movie session is about to kick it. Now I don't watch movies like I used to, I used to be a real theater rat. I would sometime check out 3 movies in a single day. Yeah, I really had no life before my wife. Anyway I do manage to get out when I think a movie is special enough to go to the theater to watch. The Indy 4 flick will be such a movie. So will anything in this new Batman series. Batman is one of the comics I grew up on. It was the first I read consistently. I wasn't into Superman cause he never got beat. Batman was a real dude, he just had money. The monthly comic was good, but what really got me involved in Batman was the graphic novels that came out in the 80's and 90's. Dark and gritty stuff. Batman Year One, The Dark Knight Returns (pictured above), Arkham Asylum just to name a few. Hell even the collections like The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told kicked ass. So when I saw the first Bale Batman flick, I was pretty freakin excited by it. It is the closest story and version that I identify with when it comes to Batman. And just so you know how I feel, fuck Robin. Unless your talking Dick Greyson, the others just sucked. Although the twist in The Dark Knight Returns is really surprising and good. Go read it. So that gets me around to what is going on with this new installment in the Batman saga. What a freakin shame Mr. Ledger checked off the planet. Cause his Joker is spot freakin on. Sorry Jack but this kid makes your shit look frumpy and tired. And I haven't

even seen the flick yet. Just the pictures of Ledger's work tell me enough that this Joker will be true to form. Good work. What a way to go out. Reminds me of Brandon Lee in The Crow.

And I noticed that there are some pictures of Harvey Dent. Looks like ol Two Face will be making a come back. The new direction has some of the better bad guys in it. You would have never seen the Scarecrow in the old stuff. Remember Mr. Freeze? Nuff said. Anyway I am excited.

Check out this link for some nice pics.


kaylynuke said...

I am totally psyched abut this flick as well. The first of the new ones was exciting for me as a Batman fan, but the Dark Kinght...VEDDY VEDDY EXCITED!
My DH likes Batman because of the "just a guy with cool toys" aspect, too, although he's not a big comic book or graphic novel guy. (I'm the geek in the family!)But I think he aspires to be Batman someday, lol.
Before kids DH and I would go to movies two or three at a time! I do miss that a bit, but that was a certain time in our life and now we've moved on.

~Heather*Ann~ said...

I cant wait to see it either. I was so sad that Heath is gone i was so in love with him. I agree with you about Brandon Lee & The Crow. Its strange how those things happen.
I can imagine i will be waiting until it comes out on dvd to see it but it will be worth the wait :)