Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Penguins are Atlantic Division Champs. And the Orioles rock too.

This is freaking sweet. Hey we got the division wrapped up and these bad ass Penguins could get the East before its all over. I had the incredible luxury of watching the Penguins/Flyers game in HD last night while flipping back to the O's game. I really love this time of year. Playoff hockey, start of baseball, the final four, and to an extent the NBA gets some of my attention. But back to this Penguins game. It was a hard fought game. I saw a bunch of hits. Its nice to see these Penguins take a punch and give a punch. I like it. Tough.
And speaking of tough, Marc-Andre Fleury. This kid is killa good. Hes got a great glove hand and he is fast. That shot he stopped past the halfway point of the 3rd period was clutch. It was like slap, pow , catch. Even in HD that shit was hard to see. I was all up off the couch and pumpin the fists and shit. Then a slight commercial break and I was flippin to the O's. I got to see Aubrey Huff come up in the 8th and smack that triple to drive in 2 and put the O's up by one. I was pretty damn psyched about that. Thats when I thought this was a good time to drink a beer or two. So I head out to the shop and see what I got in the shop frig. A Guinness Stout. Good to go. I run back in and see they got Fahey at bat so I flip back to the Penguins game. I mean they are about to clinch their first division title in like ten years, hell two years ago they were the 2nd worst team in the freakin league. Now we got our 6th division title yo!
Thanks a bunch Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. You guys kick some ass. I grew up watching a Mario, Jagr, and Stevens line put up huge O-fence numbers. I really never thought the Penguins would ever have that kind of punch again. Some teams never seem to capture that kind of talent again. Islanders anyone? Edmonton anyone? Philly anyone? I mean those cats had some serious talent and some great history and you don't see them tearing up the headlines anymore. Its just really satisfying watching these guys go from last to first in two years. He don't forget our coach, Michel Therrien. This guy wins where ever he goes. Always has. I love the fact he was our minor league coach, came up to the show and kicked into another gear. And thats why I want there to be success with my O's. I see Dave Trembly much the same way. He didn't come all the way up through the O's farm system, but he was there. Keepin it in house baby, homegrown pride! Anyway it was a rare great sports night up in my crib. I got to watch the O's come back from 3 down twice and win and watch the Penguins wrap up a division title. Good stuff.

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