Monday, April 21, 2008

Impressionism Art.

Sorry I have slacked on my impressionism posts of late, but I think you will like this one.

This here is "Rivage de Portrieux, Cotes-du-Nord" by Eugene Boudin. More than likely you never heard of him. Then again if you get into your artists, maybe you have. Then again, this is why this is here because now you know. Follow that? Better read it again. And all of you Europeans that visit this blog for the witty comments and killa art, sorry to tie you up in verbal knots. Anywho I like Boudin for the simple reason he was the master of the seascape. He was the marine painter. THE man when it comes to showing off the beauty of that narrow stretch of earth where sea meets land. So get up on this painting and look at the beauty, the detail of the strokes. The brilliance of the greens. The killa way he paints the sky. I love this guy. You should too.


kaylynuke said...

My DH is a lover of Impressionism and esp of sea and beach paintings--I will be sure to pass on the artist for him to enjoy.

Neal Carey said...
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Historical Wit said...

Awesome! anytime I get to turn anyone one to something new they like is a good day.