Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Survival is all about the tools.

This here orangutan is doing something that you never seen before. Well maybe you never seen it. You could project back to the days of yor and get in touch with your Darwinian past. But most people are in denial about that. Anywho, these orangs are great at imitating people. So when they saw the local fishermen fishing with the pike, they said, "hmmmm, dude might be on to something with that.". And so it began, that spark of imagination clicked and it was on. Cause when you get down to it, no matter the scale of possibility, the height of imagination, or the waning minutes of day, man - nay humans are really only going to live as long as the tools we create and use keep us in the game. And even on a basic level, this orang saw that and is learning from example. Which is basically the best thing you can give another person or primate, example. Now sit at your desk and wax philosophical about our cultural anthropology to the cubicle next to you. Go ahead, it'll be different and fun.

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kaylynuke said...

Reading "Nim Chimpsky" by Elizabeth Hess right now. Apes are fascinating, aren't they? My family always has to drag me away from the gorillas at the zoo.