Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fernando Guerrero Got Game.

I got this off of the sweet science website.
In the other showcase, Dominican-born Fernando Guerrero scored a fourth round TKO over Valentino Jalomo to move his undefeated record to 5-0 with five knockouts.

The powerful Guerrero showed immediately that he was both stronger and better skilled than Jalomo (2-2-1). Guerrero landed straight, compact counters at will against Jalomo, scoring two standing-eight counts in the first round.

In the second and third, Guerrero continued to land an alarming number of clean punches to Jalomo's head, including several straight lefts that tested the elasticity of Jalomo's neck. Eventually, the question was whether Jalomo's chin was better than his record indicated, or if Guerrero's power was less intimidating than his stats led on.

Finally, in the fourth round, a volley of clean, unanswered power shots by Guerrero prompted another standing-eight, and a follow-up flurry ended matters at 1:18 of the fourth round. The exciting performance by Fernando Guerrero won the hearts of the fans in attendance, and likely gave the fans at home the impression that he is someone on which they should keep a careful eye.

I remember the first time I watched this kid train. He was 14. That was 7 years ago and I only saw him a handful of times in the gym. I told my wife then that he was going to be a boxer that everyone around here would know. Kids got power, speed, and you should see his foot work in person. You see talent at a young age a lot of times and wonder if they will make it. There was no doubt about Fernando. Dude has made game. His brother is pretty good too, but he like to run the ladies to much to take boxing serious. Dude was always chasin tail in the gym. Fernando was always working out. Anyway he dominated that fight last night. That right hook of his is freakin vicious. Fast and lots of pop. He was fuckin that dude up and I am glad for him that the fight was stopped cause he would have got hurt. I am so ready to get excited about boxing again. Thank you Fernando for waking some of us to the sweet science again. Congrats on the win. Impressive.

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