Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where is your sense of the past? Help find your sense of what was.

I tell you we know nothing of our past. It has all been washed away by our egos and imaginations. Sometimes its more dramatic, like when religion dictates we were created out of thin air 5000 years ago. Now thats trippin. But there is some shit going down in the area of northern Syria. In the past 5 years, there has been some nice pieces of the puzzle of who we are. What brought carved us into a civilized world. The evidence that humans could do more than survive, they could create. And create we did. But I get off track. This article is of a man who has found an interesting site that dates to 9500 bc. Plenty of carvings of animals like boars, lions, and what not. Evidence man could dream also exists. They found images of half man half lion. And just like the man says, thats the Sphinx hundreds of years before it was made. Once there is enough evidence there was civilized and organized interactions between different groups of humans for mutual benefit, the notion that we owe our humanity to the rise of agriculture will get kicked to the curb. Read the article. Sounds like the end of paradise.
Turkish site a Neolithic 'supernova' - - Breaking News, Political News & National Security News - The Washington Times

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kaylynuke said...

God planted that to test our faith.