Monday, April 7, 2008

On this Monday, I was standin in the shower thinkin....

seriously, that is where I get a majority of the ideas I have for green tinkerings. It all starts with the fact when you get a steamy shower and then sit down in the falling water, its probably the cleanest air you will breath all day. See the heavy amounts of water in the air grab dirt and dust particles and wash the shit right down the drain. So I always make a point to take a breather in the shower. And think, think, think. Sometimes I sleep sleep sleep. Which is another story all together. The other place I always get smacked by the inspiration bug is when I am driving. Especially poetry. or inventions. This sucks cause I will pull over and write or sketch that shit out. Not a good thing when your job is delivering pizza. Which brings me to this little gizmo above. How cool is that? This is a concept design by Cario. I don't know if this is a good idea or not. I know I would not be looking at the road. Maybe this could be brought to play when cars can drive themselves. You know that shit is coming. Don't even play like it ain't.

But back to my shower thinkin. You know what was on my mind? How freakin cool is it the Orioles are on top of the AL East? Yeah its only 5 games into the season, but we are in first place right now. And I was watchin that game Sunday. This aint the only time they came back this year. They came back from 3 down twice to win that one Rays game. These birds got some fight in them. Young, scrappy, and don't have shit to lose. I don't care what people think, it is going to be fun to watch these O's grow.

So I was trippin through the blogger profiles and found a new blog to read. She writes at blahgblahgblahg. She has all the things I like in a blogger: consistent, does it for herself, and has something she believes in. kayly here is as hard core a dem as i have ever seen, next to my wife, so if you want to read from someone who lives what they believe, here it is.

Alright amigos, I got to go. I have been slackin on my reading today. Peace.

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kaylynuke said...

(blushing)Aw, thanks.