Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I miss Skidrow.

You know these guys. Why? I don't know. The music just takes me back to a time when my body knows I truly didn't give a fuck. Sometimes its nice to revisit that shit and get some of that energy back. Still I wouldn't trade where I am at now to do it all over again. I have no idea why people would want to live high school over again. You ever hear those people? Always talking smack from shit that happened like 20 some years ago? Let it go already. Anyway there was a time when I wouldn't be caught dead listening to the sounds of Skidrow, Cinderella, Winger, the Crew, etc. Now I play that stuff at my desk at work. It makes me productive. I can't stand the pop crap they play on the company radio. I never was a fan of Celine Dion, and after being forced to listen to 4 of her songs, sometimes the same song 4 times a day for 5 days a week, for the last 5 years, well lets just say I had my fill.

Ok, this has become my Oriole image of the year. When you see this, expect some O's ramble. So thats where I am with that. Dude the O's are 5-1 and on top of the AL East and have the best record in the AL. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Baseball world. No one would have put money on that 2 weeks ago. Yeah it will not last, but so far I love watching these guys play. They have no quit in them. They have come back to win 3 games I can think of and have won 2 one run games so far. They sucked at one run games last year. Congrats for getting off on a good start Mr. Trembly. Master of Education, which he has you know, a MA in Edu. Killa huh? A real teacher teaching. Good stuff huh? I love it cause my Penguins have a home grown coach too. Keepin it in house!

Yeah I watched Kansas win last night. It was a good game. Great athletes. Kansas has an over the top game that is killa good. Sasha Kaun had a some great looking alley oops. I liked Memphis before the game. I thought they were more athletic, but Kansas came ready to play. Bill Self has made himself a tiny dynasty out there in Kansas. More of the North Carolina tree there. The two things I will take away from this tournament is Dickie V getting into the HOF. Did you see that man break down? It great to see Vitale get in cause he deserves it. I love Dickie V baby! And the other thing that I really really enjoyed was the commentary from Bobby Knight on ESPN. Straight up loved how he worked it on ESPN. With most network analysts, you get a feeling like they are holding back or have some compromise as to what they are saying. Not with Knight. The first day he showed up in a sweat shirt and didn't wear a suit. He said the hell with that. And thats why I like they guy. You feel what he says and does is what he really says and does. No layers, no bs, no one elses opinion except his. I hope Bobby Knight does 10 years of broadcasting or analyst work. I admit I have a different opinion completely after watching him this year.

Alright people, I got some Ratt kickin on the yahoo radio. I only got 900 ratings to go before I top 5000. Then I will be a fanatic.


Butterfly said...

RATT. you are one crazy cat, there, mr. wit.

i have yahoo radio as well...however if we added each other as influences, i could tell it would be one big cluster fuck of music. hahaha

Historical Wit said...

yeah, i cover a lot of ground in what I listen to.

kaylynuke said...

I saw Ratt live. They opened for either Heart or BonJovi. I saw the two shows close together, so I don't remember for sure. And Kixx opened for the other one, I believe. I was a Cure and Violent Femmes girl in HS, but I've rediscovered '80s metal lately. It is fun stuff. Hubby and I are going to the long awaited Van Halen show--two reschedules--and my BFF just had backstage passes to Iron Maiden.