Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Human socials, way earlier than expected...

Apparently humans have been throwing clambakes for thousands of years. Well for over 164,000 years ago to be precise. Now why is this significant? First, this sort of behavior, partying down on the beach and eating seafood, was thought to have happened about 120,000 years ago, so that leads one to believe that we either evolved earlier than thought, or small clusters of humans developed faster than others. But wait on that cause its a whole other discussion. See I have been saying this all along, its way easier to live by the sea and eat from its bounty than hunting or be hunted on the plains of Africa. Now some of us still get down with the hunt, buts thats only for the use of firearms or other weapons. Hey seafood is way better for you. Plus its a party folks. Lets get some food, paint ourselves up and party down. Now here is where the imagination comes in. So there is the scene, people celebrating the seafood harvest, eating and what not, what else did they do? Dance? Did they have music or at a minimum a beat to dance to? Were there other rituals? Marriages? Celebrations? Or was it just a great social gathering? All very interesting questions. Does it sound like those folks were dumbass cavemen with very limited social interaction? Not to me. The clambake is a complicated social event. Still to this day.

Believe me when I say, we know nothing of our past.

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