Friday, October 19, 2007

Morning Wit

Greetings amigos. This is a small footnote in history, but today marks the first battle of Ypres in WWI. This, in my opinion, is one of the bloodiest, harshest, and bearing battles ever fought in any war. The men who fought for the Allies got the short end of the stick here. See this here map? On the right side of that bubble was the Germans, on the left side Allied forces. Notice how that bubble curves into German ground? This meant that those men who were entrenched there got shells and bullets rained on them from 3 sides. To make matters worse, Germans retreated to the high ground and left the swampy mess to the Allies. Everyone dug trenches and settle into what is now called "mutual siege". Nice if your feet are dry. This little bulge became known as "The Bloody Salient" and with good reason. Bullets and trenchfoot killed equally. And the artillery. Look at this shot from the air. They rained shell after shell down. The troops spent most of their time in holes in the ground. There has been numerous books written about this part of WWI, documentaries have been made, hell even the science channel is getting in on the action these days. Pure hell. WWI took millions and millions of lives. I don't think people in this day and age understand that. The size of the sacrifice.

And the last thing I want to bring up is today is Evander Holyfield's birthday. Dude is 55 and looks great. All I got to say is you got to stop fighting. It really is gonna hurt you. You should want to ride out these last few decades of your life with the ability to recall your glorious past. Dude you were one of the best ever. A warrior in the ring, but please, for your own sake, give it up.

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