Thursday, October 11, 2007

Morning Wit

Well well well, it's good to see you back here after the doom and gloom of yesterday's post. I promise not to be such a bummer today. The big news of today is in 2002 Jimmy Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Now a lot of people like to run Mr. Carter down, lefties and righties both, but I love the guy. Dude has got real class. Being president was not his greatest achievement in in my mind. See after he left office, Carter and his wife Rosalynn created the Atlanta-based Carter Center in 1982 to advance human rights and alleviate human suffering. Since 1984, they have worked with Habitat for Humanity to build homes and raise awareness of homelessness. Among his many accomplishments, Carter has helped to fight disease and improve economic growth in developing nations and has served as an observer at numerous political elections around the world. You gotta give him props. Oh and he would have won another Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the middle east peace talks he mediated while president, but his nomination didn't get in before the deadline. Killa huh? If your wondering he wasn't the only prez to win it, I think Wilson and Teddy did also. I may be wrong on that so don't quote me.

What else, what else? I still trying to keep it happy today...oh did you know the first SNL broadcast today back in 1975. Now I am not a big SNL fan, hell I hardly ever watch the show, but I would have that night cause George Carlin hosted it. Now I get my Carlin fix when he narrates Thomas and friends on The Goodnight Show.But seriously, I got friends that will drop everything to go watch that damn show on a Saturday night. They will even goes as far as to pull my ass off the dance floor and drag me home to watch that. Hell from what I hear it aint even funny anymore, besides I gotta shake it every now and again. Know what I mean?

Oh here is one for you, also in 75 on this day, Bill and Hillary were married. People can say what they want, but that is over 30 years together. What an accomplishment. Seriously, you know she put up with more than Monica. Speaking of Monica, everytime I hear her now I think of Dave Chappelle saying she will go down as the biggest cocksucker of all times. It's sad, funny, true, and strangely enough true. No wonder those conservatives hate the big dog, they are jealous of the action he gets.

And I will leave you with this sports tidbit, today in 1984 Mario Lemieux played in his first NHL game for the all mighty Pittsburgh Penguins. Homeboy scored on his first shift, first shot in the NHL. Now that is killer. I started watching hockey cause of him. Great player. Got to see him once playin the game. Freakin beautiful. If homeboy didn't have a bum back, he would have broke a lot of those records 99 put up there. Taking nothing away from 99, but 66 was the 3 of hockey. Follow that?

Peace out!


o w grant said...

Thanks, Wit. The carters are my favorite first family. They prove that the White House could be occupied by individuals with strong personal integrity.

Ironically, these were the very qualities that made him a one term president.

The voters wanted somebody who projected a stronger image, and so elected a small string of amoral wealthy strongmen, who told the country what it wanted to hear, while gutting the infastructure and giving the pieces to their cronies. We know where that got us.

As for the Clintons, I'm on the same page as you are. They are solid.

Oceanshaman said...

I concur, as well. Dig Carter. Dig the Clintons . . .

All good, in my book . . .

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