Monday, October 1, 2007

Morning Wit

Welcome to October. This is one of my favorite months. The weather gets cooler, I get closer to the s'mores. Ahh but all is not well. This is also the time for fever, sniffles, and annoying colds. And that comes into play when you got a tot. My girl is running a fever today and is home with mom. You just worry excessively when you child is ill. I hope mom doesn't get it either. I am anxiously awaiting a report from the doctors office. But all is not doom and gloom, my tiny tot will turn 2 this month, so thats just another reason October rocks. That and playoff baseball. And football. Hockey too.

Alright what else is going on today that we can look at and say, "Damn that's worth remembering!" Well first I gotta give props to my man's birthday, President James Earl Carter, born in 1924. Conservatives love to hate on Mr. Carter, but without him, they wouldn't be what they are. Sure he couldn't deal with that hostage situation, but in reality, who could have? Let's look at some other interesting things Mr. Carter did: graduate of the Naval Academy 1946, involved in the nuclear sub program, peanut farmer, President of United States, Governor of Georgia, devoted countless hours to Habitat for Humanity, founded the Carter Center, and won a Nobel Prize for his efforts to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights and to promote economic and social development. So for all you conservatives that want to dump on JEC, what have you done lately?

The other big event of the day, back in 1890, Congress actually did something constructive and gave us the Yosemite National Park. What a beauty. Yellowstone was the first national park created, Yosemite follow a few years after. I can not emphasize enough the importance of our national park system. And if you have not started the trek to see some of the beauty that lies within these treasures, you are cheating yourself. People come from all over the world to see what this country has in it's national park system. You should take advantage of it. It doesn't matter where you live, there is a park near. I could launch into a diatribe about man and nature here, but you would never finish this post. If you have never been exposed to what your missing, click here or here

Alright my working brethren, welcome to the week!

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