Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Morning Wit

Greetings mis amigos. This will be my only post today, I will be out of touch the rest of the day. I am on a road trip. But I could not leave without you daily feed of knowledge.

So what are we looking at today? Well for one, back in 51, Sting was born. I am ever so grateful for that cause dude has supplied most of the music I listen to. I can't tell you how much I listen to that band. Even more now i saw them live. So here is a treat, below is the 1st time "Message in a Bottle" was performed. Before it was released.

Ahh it was this day back in 1985 that Rock Hudson died of AIDS. Now I know there is a whole bunch of you young uns out there that have no idea who the hell The Rock was, or better yet think The Rock is a washed up wrestler and The Scorpion King, but let me tell you, when it came out that The Rock died of AIDS, there were a lot of white bread Americans out there in denial. Hell it was pure shock. Pure freaking denial. Take my mom for instance, she felt like a friend had lied to her. People took that shit personal. Good for them. Rock, in death, brought immediate attention to the cause and world wide attention. You can make an argument that with out Rock dying from AIDS, awareness may not have come around in this country when it did. After all AIDS was a "gay" problem to most people. Sadly that stereotype still has much strength in the population's urban legends.

And my last shout out, today in 1869 Mahatma (Mohandas) K Gandhi was born. He was known for his advocacy of non-violent resistance to fight tyranny. And my favorite Gandhi quote "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."

Alright gotta roll. Driving like 300 miles today. Plus my baby girl is still running a good fever. She is completely miserable and I will be on edge all day until I can get home to her and my wife.


Butterfly said...

i ADORE sting.

hope your baby girl gets better! have a good trip today...

♥Redneck•Girl♥ said...

Dave and I were talking about the Rock just the other day! thats weird and the same subject on him too! Its sad that people are stereotypical on the "gay" thing when in fact its not.