Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Morning Wit

Well folks sorry for the lack of writing, but I have been ill the last few days. Just some mild flu and body ache stuff. Still getting the hot flashes but good enough to work.

Alright kiddies lets take a gander at the past and see what's interesting out there today. Well I would have to say the biggest event of the day is Al Capone was sent to the clink for tax evasion. Ain't that some crap? I mean this guy has been the image of what it means to be a gangster for a few generations and all they could get him on was tax evasion? Either way it ultimately landed his ass in Alcatraz because they said he manipulated the system and was living the cushy life in the ATL. In the end we got a great movie by that other guy named Al and that eventually lead us to the fabulous ring tone "Say hello to my little friend!" If any of you actually bought that shit, shame on you.

Ahh on this day in in 1918 we got the fabulous Rita Hayworth. Pop icon, sex symbol, WWII super pinup girl. What more could you ask for? And then there was Gilda, still a great flick. If you want to watch what a movie is supposed to be all about, rent it. Most kiddies this day and age couldn't follow it cause its all dialogue. But thats not the most impressive thing about her, it was the dancing. Most people have this perception that Fred Astaire was the shinizzle when it comes to dancing, and while the man was good, Rita and Ginger Rogers were way better. Why some of you may gasp? Cause they did everything he did, but backwards and in heels. Why do you think he wanted to stop working with both of them? People started to figure that shinizzle out. Props to Ginger, but Rita was the full package. Out of that era of actresses, Rita and later Audrey Hepburn were timeless.

Alright, you all have a good day. Watch out for the flu bug, its out there.


Butterfly said...

i love the history lessons every morning - thanks wit. i agree with you on rita hayward too...and audrey...oh audrey.

hope you feel better - i had a bat of the flu last year and i would have rather died. literally. i'm getting a flu shot next week. :) blessings to you.

Soapbox said...

Dang Wit! Your history sure is a lot better looking than mine.

John Brown was an ugly so & so.