Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Morning Wit

Reader beware, this is a morbid reminder of the evil men do. If you don't feel like connecting with the incredible sorrow man can create, skip this blog post.

See them crematory ovens there? They are the ones located at the Auschwitz compound. Why are you looking at them? On this day in 1944, Nazi Germany systematically killed 800 Gypsy children. 800 children. Because they were deemed "unreliable elements who cannot be put to useful work" and "carriers of disease". 800 children. What was Auschwitz? Auschwitz was really a group of camps, designated I, II, and III. There were also 40 smaller "satellite" camps. It was at Auschwitz II, at Birkenau, established in October 1941, that the SS created a complex, monstrously orchestrated killing ground: 300 prison barracks; four "bathhouses," in which prisoners were gassed; corpse cellars; and cremating ovens. Thousands of prisoners were also used as fodder for medical experiments, overseen and performed by the camp doctor, Josef Mengele ("the Angel of Death").

Sorry to bring you down, but some events are so horrible, so unbelievable that they should never be forgotten. So today when you think you got it bad cause your job sucks, think about Auschwitz and the incredible atrocities that happened there. When your buddy starts talking about the war on terror being the most important event to ever happen to mankind, remind him or her that evil has lived here before. 800 children dead in one day. Death based on nothing more than the fact they were gypsy children.

Hey if I really wanted to bring you down, I would go into detail about the postal worker that snapped on this day in 1991 and committed mass murder of his former colleagues.

Hell of a day in history huh?

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Butterfly said...

eek. how depressing!