Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Friday bee-otches!!!!

Oh the joy! What a freaky ass week at work. I will be glad to wash my hands of this place for 48 or so hours.

SO what to say about the day? We got a patented for the rotary washing machine. I know that aint much new to you, but rest assured when that patented was filed, it wasn't big news either...the First Continental Congress of the U.S. adjourned in Philadelphia. Hear ye hear ye! Let's kick some British ass! 1955 the first "The Village Voice" was published in NY. I read this paper online and enjoy it a lot. You would too. Check that shit out, especially the Savage Love column. That shit is funny. And kind of scary at time. Entertaining non the less. ITMFA!!!!....Remember Baby Fae? To sad to write about, wikipedia that shit. But I would do what ever it takes to spend as much time on earth with my child. Even if its only 21 days. Crazy how stories like that really fuck with your emotions when you have kids...Yea Yea Gretzky may have been the first player to 2000 points, but Mario Lemieux (Pittsburgh Penguins) scored his 500th National Hockey League (NHL) career goal against the New York Islanders in his 605th game. He became the second-fastest player to attain the plateau. Wayne Gretzky had reached 600 goals by his 575th NHL game.

Alright folks, keep comin back today. I got the feeling some haiku is in order.

Oceanshaman...enjoy your new found freedom.


Oceanshaman said...

Thank you . . .

TomCat said...

Wit I came to say I completely agree with you 100% on the balls discussion.