Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday Wit

Greetings amigos. Today was a pretty busy day in history. The big headline is the 95 Theses Martin Luther pounded on the door of the Wittenberg Palace Church. This kicked off the Protestant Reformation in Germany. Hey this was a good thing, but I would suggest a reformation of most churches every few years cause it looks like they could use it.

Ahhh the Battle of Britain was won by the Brits today. This held the Germans from completely rolling all of Europe at the start of WWII. Thank goodness for the Spitfire. That is a beautiful plane. She couldn't take the beating of a Messerschmitt 109, but she could hang with em. Hey it can't be understated the use of radar to figure out where the Germans were coming from. This helped get those Spitfires in the right place at the right time. Germans still bombed London, but giving up on Britain was the first mistake Hitler made. I love The Battle of Britain. It was like the best of reality TV. See the population watched this play out in the skies above them. The consequences were real. When they saw a plane go down in flames, they knew a fellow countrymen just gave it up for them. And these cats fought like it was more than there lives on the line, they knew it was family, homes, friends on the line. All they had to do was look down at the earth to see what they were fighting for. And people from this generation wonder why WWII still sticks to people the way it does. Anyway big ups for the Brits for not getting rolled.

After 14 years of chipping, sculpting, and other artistry, we got Mount Rushmore. There it is. This big old monument was completed in 1941 and it still scares the hell out of kids on a daily basis. Nothing like a 60 foot tall Teddy R to put you in your place.

And in 1993 we lost a good actor known as River Phoenix. Home slice made it to the age of 23. I place the blame on Johnny Depp.
Only because it was outside The Viper Room, Depp's club. But what they hey, Johnny didn't make River do the drugs. Look kids, if it doesn't come straight out of the ground, don't do it. Straight up. Who needs a heroin addiction anyway? That shit takes up to much of your time.

And speaking of other stupid celeb moments, does anyone remember when Debbie Gibson held that seance to get up with the spirit of Sid Vicious on this day back in 87? What would have been awesome is if Sid showed up and flung her around the room and threw up green goo on her friends. It may have extended her career more than the 14 seconds it lasted.

Alright peace out peeps.

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Butterfly said...

i loved river. what an amazing talent he was. if you've never heard the song "river" by natalie merchant, just check it out...listen to the my eyes...that was the best hommage ever paid to the fella.