Monday, September 17, 2007

Another prehistory note...

This here article illustrates a point I have believed for sometime. Humans have been around in the current form longer than previously thought. I know there are some Bible thumpers out there that will say the earth is 5000 years old, but that is their belief. I like to look at the facts. You know, stuff people left behind. My theory is many humans lived their life on the coast or near bodies of water for a couple of reasons: a source of water and gathering food was easier than hunting it on the plains. In this Swiss lake they found the remains of a building that was built roughly around 3863 BC. This building was built on pilings, out on the water. There is evidence to support the fact it was used to catch fish and then process the fish for storage. You know, smoke the fish. Still most people think humans from nearly 6000 years ago were dumb as rocks and didn't know crap. I think human society was incredibly complex back then. Come on, these guys knew how to build on the water, when and how to catch fish and process them. They knew how to store food for the winter. They were adept fishermen. This all points to some pretty damn fine intelligence. More intelligence than most people give them credit for. There is so much human history that has slipped by us.

We have no clue about our past.

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o w grant said...

That's the best thing about science. It forces us to rearrange our thinking, and deal with new possibilities, whether or not they chafe against our current picture of the past.

Wise people marvel at new discoveries, and feel enriched for it.
Ignorant people will disparage a challenge to their world view, and continue to cram God and science into the boundaries of their old and worn dogma.

Keep them coming, Wit!