Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Morning Wit

Yeah yeah I know there are more important things going on in history this day than what I'm gonna talk about, but I don't care. Yes it was a giant step forward for Sandra Day O'Conner to take her seat on the SCOTUS in 81, yes it was a great thing that Central High was integrated in 57, and in 1789 we got the bill of rights. All of these things are great events that have changed the course of our history. But that ain't what I am talking about today.I want to give mad props to my man Ethan Allen. Yes this goofy looking dude. Go on you can laugh. You don't look this goofy and not have a good laugh about it. Why? Well as history will point out, it was this day in 1775 that Allen was captured by the Brits after screwing up an attack on them up around Montreal. But that is not why my heart swells with pride when I hear that name, Ethan Allen. And its not the furniture store either. See Ethan Allen loved the state of Vermont more than just about anyone ever, sorry Howard Dean. He fought for that states independence until his death. In fact he was so hell bent on independence, he was willing to join the British empire again after the American Revolution just so he could tell New York, Conn., and Mass. to take a flying leap. See those states thought Vermont was their land. Now look at that picture again, can't you see that goofy bastard telling those grubby scallywags to keep their hands off Vermont's cheese? See that's why I love the guy. His duty and honor to his country was incredibly true. Of course his country was a dinky state called Vermont, but damn it, Vermont would be free. Hence the state motto FREEDOM and UNITY! Theres a little irony for you.

See Allen embodies what modern politicians should aspire to, duty and commitment to something bigger than yourself. He never strayed from that. That's what made him what he was. The best trait of Allen was that he was incredibly articulate, yes articulate in that package. But he was from the Vermont hills and really liked to use profanity to express himself. I always wondered what profanity was in the 1770's. I guess thats a researcher for another day. But how can you not like a guy who had a military outfit called the Green Mountain Boys? Yeah we will always hear about Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, but its the Sam Adams and Ethan Allens of the American Revolution that have the really interesting stories behind them.


Butterfly said...

thanks for the history lesson this morning :)

Historical Wit said...

why you are welcome. Thanks for the reminder that I can not get away from sweettarts!