Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Day in History...The Golden Arm passed away.

I am not old enough to have watched Johnny U play during his career, but I have watched hours and hours of film with the man. Talk about a sports icon. Hell he was way more than that. Dude was Baltimore. If you kid needed a ride home from school, or just throwin back some brews at the corner bar, Johnny Unitas was the man. Cool under pressure, a real leader of men, a man of sacrifice. When my wife and I go to Ravens games, it is paramount we pass the Johnny U statue and touch those black high tops. Johnny U, gone but never to be forgotten.

Hey what can I say, all you need to know about today is we were blessed with the birth of Harry Connick Jr. Thats right and no stinkin terrorist attack can take that from us. But sadly that is what most of us will remember. And why not. What a shocker that was. World Trade Center crumbling to the ground in scraps. You know why it was such a shock? Cause the only thing that we thought could do that was aliens from another planet. Still if I got to think about aliens and all that, I just throw in a copy of Harry's cd Star Turtle and get all glassy eyed with some good wine and the thoughts of aliens just flow my friend.

And now I will leave you with the brightest of stars that was born on this day, D H Lawrence. The man, the myth, the legend. If you read, and by reading I mean stories, poems, hell it can even be letters to friends, Lawrence was the man. I can make a damn good argument that he is probably the best all around writer ever. EVER. If you want to debate that, let it fly. Dude had legs and could write words that roll off your lips like a wet lovers kiss. Read the following poem called Silence...

Since I lost you I am silence-haunted,
Sounds wave their little wings
A moment, then in weariness settle
On the flood that soundless swings.

Whether the people in the street
Like pattering ripples go by,
Or whether the theatre sighs and sighs
With a loud, hoarse sigh:

Or the wind shakes a ravel of light
Over the dead-black river,
Or night’s last echoing
Makes the daybreak shiver:

I feel the silence waiting
To take them all up again
In its vast completeness, enfolding
The sound of men.

How good is that? hmmmmmmm? Make you think about those other events of the day at all? See DH saw another war upclose, WWI. That harsh reality changes a man. Changes how you see the world, changes your degrees of innocence.

Peace out amigos...enjoy the life given to you, for you know not when it could be over.

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