Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hey check out this little factoid,
Pittsburgh is the runaway leader, with 34 percent of the women living in the Steelers' market identifying themselves as fans. Green Bay was second with 29.4 percent, but no other market surveyed had even one-quarter of its women identify themselves as fans. Buffalo was third with 23.7 percent, followed by Cincinnati (22.8 percent), Kansas City (22.4 percent), Jacksonville (21.7 percent), Baltimore and Boston (21.5 percent) and Denver, Tampa-St. Petersburg and Washington, D.C. (20.9 percent).
What makes that so? I have no idea. Up until the rein of Big Ben, there weren't that many hotties in the Steelers playbook, but I'm a guy, what do I know. Maybe some women have the hots for Lambert or Bradshaw. I DO know it aint the new mascot. What is that all about? Maybe its the polka chants, or the bratwurst. Who knows? Girls just love the Steelers. Except my girl. She is a die hard Ravens fan. Which brings some tension to the house twice a year, or maybe 3 times a year. Man and how uncomfortable is it for the winner? And it really sucks if your team loses that last game of the year...cause next year is a long way away. And the winner can sit on that for a while. GO STEELERS!


Luckyduck said...

All i have to say is uggggghhhhh :)

karen said...

With your girl all the way!! GO RAVENS!!!!