Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Impressionism Art

I am a sucker for impressionism art. I can get down with most every kind of art out there, Calder's mobiles, Picasso, graffiti, or even a good deal of photography. But my love is centered on impressionism. It represents all that art means without having to scream it. Call it the quiet rebellion of art. See impressionist wanted to break out of the rigid mold of what defined art up until that point. As with any artist, the original impressionist were looking for a fresh, new way to express themselves. So I am going to start a little showcase of impressionism art and those artist that started the movement. Today I posted a favorite painting from Edouard Manet. This was painted near the end of his life, so it's not typical of what you expect from an impressionist. You know the great outdoors, great use of color, large landscapes. But this small still life shows a master of his craft. Manet doesn't get the hype of Monet, but dude rocks as good if not better than most. Enjoy!

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