Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday History action and other stuff too!

Yeah Yeah, we all know Benedict Arnold committed treason on this day back in 1780, but who really knew which way the war would go at that point? Oh well, he came out of it with some eggs named after him so whats to complain about?

I like to think of happier times, like on this day back in 1985 Dire Straits topped the charts with "Money for Nothing", which is a catchy tune. Rockers got down with it, poppers got down with it, hell even red america got down with it. I think it was the beginning of the end. At that point, stadium rockers reached the zenith and started the downward spiral. Dire Straits would go one to be one of the biggest touring machines out there, bigger than Jacko or the Stones, but Knopfler said the hell with it and walked away. Good for him. I still respect him for that.

Here is an article that is the subject of the place I like to start with when discussing my theory that humans are way older than we think. This place is off the coast of Japan and looks to be at least 5000 years old. It seems to be an ancient harbor, with the stepped pyramid shape, it would work perfectly for that function. Of course there are some who think not, but when you add all these ancient sites up and the times they were in existance, we as a race are much older than we think. If we could prove there was intercontinental trade 5000 years ago, it would change history as we think of it. There is much we don't know. Its like we took 10 steps forward and got knocked back 5 and are only now understanding that. Maybe in my lifetime...

Watch the weather. Some tropical activity out there that could be something, especially around the gulf coast. So all my Texan friends, keep an eye on the weather. It is pretty scary how fast these storms are becoming hurricanes. You can always get updates here and more details in laymen terms here.

have a nice weekend, I am off today cause I am building an easel, I have an interest in painting I want to explore a little. Peace out.

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