Thursday, September 27, 2007

Morning Wit

There really isn't much interesting going on in history today. Seriously. A report was issued, we got a revolutionary appointed minister to Spain, and Zsa Zsa Gabor threw a fit. We did get a couple of musicians today, Meat Loaf and Avril. You can take that anyway you need to. So to really get to anything interesting you have to go way back. SO far back, that what you are about to read can not conclusively be proved and depending on your faith, you may or may not believe it.

See I studied history in college because I wanted to study a bunch of meaningless crap so I could put together my own theories about the universe. Did this do much other than give me peace of mind? Not really. I ended up in a service industry working for a slave wage. But intellectually, I am pretty happy. Anyway one of the things I have always wanted to know is where in the hell we come from. See that fellow there? That is what the human form looked like around 100,000 years ago. Pretty much what we are today. In my eclectic college career, I dabbled in anthropology. I wanted to see what science had to say about my origins. Apparently humans evolved. This is something I can get on board with. But there are a bunch of holes in this whole evolution theory and I aint talkin about those bible thumpers holes either. See I lost my mind a few times because I had no choice and that gave me time to think. You know that boredom where you can really explore the space between your ears. So I got to thinkin about the 100,000 years between when that dude pictured above walked around doin stuff and what we are today. We tend to automatically think they were primitive and well for lack of better words, dumb. I don't think that was the case at all. I bet you they had a pretty good grasp on a few principles that humans need to understand to live. Well they had to cause we're here right? What were these ideas or concepts? Food and shelter. Survival. So it was this day in history, 99,754 BC, when the first proto-human picked up a rock with an edge on it and used it as a tool. He decided that edge cut his finger pretty darn good, why not use it to cut the meat of that dead gazelle like animal it found? And so it began. Invention and improvement on that invention. Memory and imagination. The spark lit the fire and that fire burned. I got a lot to say about how fast we learn, how caring came to be, and the past 100,000 years. All of it will come out, it may take years, but that ensures you'll keep reading right?


Butterfly said...

just wanted to say that you ROCK. your posts are so insiteful.

yah and the meatloaf and avril lavigne thing. comment. :-p


Anonymous said...

Everyday,Bro.You keep postin' and I'll keep readin'.And commentin' if I got somethin' to say.