Thursday, September 6, 2007

This Day in History....

Today was when Little Willie rolled of the production line to kick of the next phase on the battlefield, tank warfare. No need to say the original isn't still the best. This joker was the first step, now we got the M1 Abrams that can roll 60 mph and shoot her 105 mike mike on the run with killa accuracy. Hurah for modern technology. That wasn't the real highlight of The Great War tho- today was when the first battle of the Marne bogged down and made WWI the stagnant death trap it was on the western front. Just be happy your ass didn't have to fight in that war. Bloody hell of a it's time to give it up for President McKinley, who was shot on this day. He died a week later. What gets me is he told his Secret Service boys to go easy on his assassin, Leon Czolgosz, a laborer from Cleveland who fell under the sway of charismatic leaders of anarchy such as Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, and Gaetano Bresci. WTF? Dude he shot you, your boys should have pummeled his ass with bags of rocks. Freakin anarchists always wantin to cause chaos....unfortunately more lives were taken at the 72 Olympics today also. See terrorism has been around for decades and we didn't give two shits about it cause it didn't happen here. So much for that. Eventually crazy people with bombs and guns will get everyones attention.

Okay, how would you like to be the wife of Ralph Waldo Emerson and have his buddy Henry David Thoreau move in with you? Well that's what happened on this day back in 1847. That makes for some interesting dinner conversation. I bet none of it was soup questions either....

And I bet no one saw this coming, today was the last time Jimi laid licks to his upside down left handed guitar. Freakin genius. But the Germans got to see that performance out in Fehmarn, Germany. Hey that's not all with those arrogant '49 the Allied Coalition gave them Volkswagon back. WTF? Didn't you guys see all that money coming or what. I blame the British. Hell yeah the British. Uptight bastards. Hey, I can prove the British have no 1996 there number one hit was "wannabe" by the Spicegirls. Why they turned those hell spawns loose on us is no mystery, misery loves company after all. Hell we aint much better cause our asses were listening to the "Macarena" at the time, shit we weren't just listenin' to that shit, we were livin it. Some of us still are. GIVE IT UP PEOPLE, that shit was like a decade ago! Shit you think that was fucked up, we got Foxy Brown on this day, but we lost Ernest Tubb. That shit aint fair y'all. I loves me some Ernest Tubb tunes. It's all good tho- Roger Waters was born today too. And that kinda makes up for Foxy Brown. Right?

Last of all, or least of all, how ever you want it, our man W said this 5 days before 911, "The only time to use Social Security money is in times of war, times of recession, or times of severe emergency." Some trifecta huh? All right peace out yall.

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