Friday, September 28, 2007

Morning wit

It is with complete sadness that I must tell you, as if some of you didn't know, is the day we mark the passing of Miles Davis. He lived from 1926 to 1991. I grew up on country, Johnny Cash, and bluegrass. Hey, that wasn't a bad thing, but when I joined the Army and got to traveling around this planet of ours I discovered there was more to music than what I knew. By 1993, I had been exposed to Kind of Blue and that opened up the world of jazz to me. Up until that point jazz was something I associated with New Orleans. So once I got a taste of it, I spent a great deal of time playing Kind of Blue as my back ground music. When I was in college, this was the one cd that came with me all over. I have written many a paper listening to this. Simply put its great.
Later on I got into Birth of the Cool mostly cause I got a couple fo friends who are percussionist and one of those cats was always listening to this album. Actually it was kind of funny cause they played heavy metal as a band, but when they were at home tooling around on the drums, it was all kinds of jazz they played.

What else can you say about Miles? Dude was awarded something like 9 Grammy's, an honorary Phd, and he was knighted. In short he was all that and a bag of chips. So go pick up something by him, and it doesn't matter where in his career you listen, its all good. And talk about a career, dude played music or influenced music from the 1940's to the 1990's. He has a beautiful spectrum and range of music. So I will leave you with one of my favorite pieces by Miles and John Coltrane, So What.

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