Monday, September 10, 2007

Witness to History...

Alright, its Sunday and I am running through the usual routine, except I got my football on. So I am ironing tomorrows wears when my wife comes in to get me to see something on tv. She didn't disappoint. It wasn't some killa football play from the Giants Cowboys game, but the opening of the MTV VMA's. And the opening act was Britney Spears. Boy o boy. That may go down in history as the musical act that couldn't. It was like she didn't even try. From a career perspective, that may have been the nail in the coffin...alright looking around the world for some historical perspective? Way back in 1897 George Smith was arrested in Britain for drunk driving. He was the first person to be arrested for drunk driving. After 110 years, I can honestly say the problem has gotten worse...but back in 93 on this day, The X-files opened for business and we began the search for truth, but also we began to trust no one. Still as far as scifi goes, X-files was and still is freakin brilliant. Reruns come on TNT at like 5 am and sometimes I will wake up and lie there in bed trying to get my shit together...and there it is in the background. That shit grabs me. The other day it was the episode about the FBI trying to control people with cable tv. That shit screwed me up for a week. And I still trust no one...for your sport nugget, Mickey Mantle crushes a 643' home run over the right field roof in Detroit. No steroids, no HGH, just some big ups. Dude people get all giddy when some one hits it 475' in this day. Man a 475' homer would get you the top play of the day on Sportscenter. 643'? ssssssst please....I could talk about how The Beatles album Revolver hit #1 and stayed there for six weeks, but who cares when on this day in 66 Neil Diamond released Cherry Cherry? Check out all that crazy collage action. Ok you can stare at it another minute, then you have to get your ass back to work. Looking at that is worse than looking at a dollar bill and trying to find that damn spider everyone keeps talking about. Or is that on the twenty? Hold on, maybe its on Paul's face. Crap here we go again....and so you get your weather history in perspective, Hurricane Gilbert kills 300 in Jamaica back in 88 on this day. We are in the peak of hurricane season. Were you watching that tropical storm Gabby down off the Carolinas this weekend? Probably not. You better get it in gear jack. Grab batteries and a radio, some water, cans of beans, learn how to cook for 4 on a single burner camp stove or you to will become a statistic...Today we got the fans man. Born on this day was Arnold Palmer. Happy 77th Arnie. You are the man...and for your balance we lost Burgess Meredith back in 97. Dude was a classic actor. Ever see Grumpier Old Men? The second movie in that line? Holy crap you have not seen it? You need to see it. Take special care to watch the out-takes at the end. So funny. Plus he was Rocky's trainer. What more do you want from the guy?...and give it up for Canada cause on this day back in 39 they declared war on Germany. See thats what I like about those damn canucks, they have no problem joining a good fight. They jumped in WWI before we did, and they started feeding the germans lead way before we did in WWII. And everyone wants to act like they are a bunch of maple leaf lovin peaceful wannabe Americans up there when thats sooooo far from the truth. Those guys and gals are some tough bastards. Long cold winters, big ass bears, and you ever encounter a wolverine?
Those things are like the worst raccoon you ever met on steroids. Lets just call them mini-bears. Hey if your ever flyfishing and a wolverine wants the stream, let him have it. Aint no use arguing with them cause those damn things are fast. Plus they have no qualms about kickin your ass.

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Butterfly said...

i didn't see the "brittney fumble" until this morning. ugh. i think i feel kind of sorry for her. poor girl. she's totally fucked up her career. hard lesson learned right there.

x-files RULES.