Sunday, September 2, 2007


Where do we get the ideas that make us so? Is that so important? The written word, maybe a film, or a song, are those the ideas that we defend? How did we get to that point? As we move steady ahead in to this grand future of ours, we find that our voices are small, weak, and sometimes meaningless. Our ideas, our values come not from ourselves anymore, but are imports if you will. They are ideas passed down like a family car or an older siblings clothes. When did we stop making our own ideas?

Look ahead. Take a peek. What do you see? More of the same, probably. Another battle of ideology, another point defended for the home team. Can the concepts that define a team really apply to our lives? Will you have that persons back? To quote a famous radio personality, you are who you roll with. Are we supposed to feel good about the battles we win? Should we? I don't anymore. I got no love for these fuckers, there's no need to be friends.

Can that work? Can that work under pressure? The demands of your life dictate the battles you fight. These fights, these battles, rarely picked or determined by your own actions involve you none the less. What are you fighting for? Honor? Dignity? Truth? Justice? Love? Everything listed are admirable concepts to defend or build your concepts of right and wrong, black and white, actions and hesitations on. Very admirable indeed. People will hold you up as an example of what it means to be right, correct, or any other words you want to drop in along those lines. Do you believe it? Is it enough to feel like that?

Where...where does it leave us? Where do we go? Can these questions ever be answered? The journey of 1000 miles begins with just one step. I am weak. I never thought I could make the journey, but I continue to make a step everyday. There is life and there is living, both are not the same. I tossed my life to the wayside long ago. Living for the others in my life is so much easier. I never got the emotions, the love I get now from living for the others in my life. I write this for me and those who find it interesting to read. That is how it shall remain for sometime.

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