Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5 years of war. Thanks Bush, heck ofva job your doing there.

Put it on our backs cause we don't give a fuck. Speaking from a soldiers point of view (for those who don't know, I served in the Army during the first Gulf War), life is so damn miserable, you don't care anymore. Sure there is the training that keeps you functioning, but the human inside of you, well lets just say sometimes is easier to not feel one way or the other about what your doing. This war is ridiculous. It's a meat grinder that will chew up more families and spit them out on the foundations of freedom. But thats the price you pay to keep terrorists from crawling out of their foxholes in Iraq, boarding a plane and setting up shop here in the US. All of this in an effort to kill more Americans. I understand the logic behind this thought, but it aint reality. Far from it. You want to really fight the GWOT, get these guys out of Iraq and dump this money and effort into special forces. Let them do the work they are trained to do. Extractions, hits, strategic bombings, recon, whatever you want done on the down low, SEALS, Delta Force, and the Green Berets are more than up to the challenge. Didn't the lessons of Vietnam teach this cabal any damn thing? Oh thats right, probably not considering they weren't there. Should have been, and if they had any American blood, real blood in their veins, they would have. Real warriors know when the country needs them and they answer the call, no matter what. They answer the call when they know they will not see their child born or the first 18 months of their life. They answer the call regardless of what may happen to their life. Real soldiers have enormous burdens placed on their backs by politicians that worry more about their bottom lines that the interest of their country. Look at that picture up there. A hundred pounds on his back, knee pads that have fallen to his boots and he doesn't have the time or energy to fix it, and all he can do is rest for the few spare minutes he gets. We got rid of Saddam, our job is done. Let Iraq put itself back together. If they kill each other, so be it. It has been that way for hundreds of years. From a former soldier to you Mr. President, you need to do something about this mess of yours. And make it snappy.


Butterfly said...

great post wit. amen.

o w grant said...

Maybe if those two cupcake daughters of his were in danger of going to Iraq we would've either been out in a week, or better, never gone in the first place.

I can't wait to unload this brainless, arrogant son of a bitch.

Anonymous said...

damn good post!