Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some thoughts about 2008 politics.

Well it looks like The Hill is going to be around for awhile. This Dem battle will rage into April now. And that is a double edge sword, but more on that in a second. First check out this above map of Ohio. BO got his ass waxed there. Sure he won the urban centers but you have to wonder about this when you think back to Kerry in 04. Ohio. Fuckin Ohio. Why in the hell are they a such a big roller when it comes to determining our president? So if your a Obama supporter, you gotta keep this in the back of your head. He has issues when it comes to winning a popular vote in Ohio.

The Hill got to stand on stage an have the ticker tape fall all around. Such a lovely staged moment. Almost fairy tale like.

McCain got the Republican nod. Congrats. The difference between the number of Dems voting compared to Repubs is freakin astonishing. In some instances, millions more Dems turned out. Now you tell me who is more excited about this race?

And finally my thoughts on that double edged sword. McCain may have won his party's nod, but all he can really do now is head back to Washington and get ready for the real run. As long as The Hill and BO are going at it, they will be the front page news. Everyone is watching that. So McCain media time will be second choice for any producer looking to land a interview or some words of wisdom. Hey that does cut the other way. People will eventually get sick of seeing The Hill and BO. And don't think its not going to get ugly. Exit polling showed that the attacks The Hill launched on BO in the final days won over people who were undecided up until 3 days before the primary. Look for more negative ads and dirty tricks. Hey don't say you will not like it, cause you will. U.S. Americans love a good dirty fight.

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