Friday, March 7, 2008

From the sea....

I was looking at this article about a 1000 pound hammerhead caught in shallow water in Florida. If you don't want to see a giant 1 ft dead hammerhead, I would not visit the link. And if your wondering, thats not the biggest caught in the shallows around Florida, I saw a dude on Nat Geo's Monster Fish that caught this 1200 pounder. Dude was all alone and had to radio for help after the hammerhead puled him 12 miles off the coast in his 20 ft flat bottom boat. Dude had balls.
My short attention span was drawn to another article that had these killa pictures of a white killer whale. How freakin rare is this you might ask? Well for one I bet you never seen one. I haven't and I have been looking at weird shit from the sea all my life.

These shot came from the north pacific. Pretty rare stuff. Enjoy. Killer Whale article link.

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