Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi day, you know 3.14!

Yes, right about now your like "What the hell?" then it all comes back to you. Pi. 3.14 something something. Well if your a mathematician, you are probably gonna hook up with your other math buddies and drink coffee and talk pi smack. I ain't gonna lie, I wish I could hang out. If you don't have that much pull in the math world, your probably just living out your friday work day. And there is nothing wrong with that. Just know your missing out on this special day. Just like you have no idea about 4.20 day or 3.11 day. But the numbers 911 are burned on your forehead. or for you old schoolers 12.7. Hell we all got our days we celebrate. My day that gets me is 7.30. And its all because of that damn Jaws movie. Figure it out because if I gotta tell you, you don't know. And I aint got time for that shit now. Cause I am at work. Which means I am high speed low drag. I only drag at home. Cause I can. But at work I am the man, the closer, the dude that gets shit done. Cause I take pills. I got this one pill called Fuckitol and it really takes care of everything. Fuckitol. 2 please and a cup of coffee, sugar no cream please.

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Average Girl In Average World said...

WOW!! You write this shit and it is perfectly acceptable, not many people can pull that off. But as you said, "you are the man"

BTW, can I have Fuckitol pill?

hahahahha, Average Girl...