Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is a desk.

Now I love anything that looks like something besides what it actually is. And this desk is down right killa. Despite its smallish size, it looks really comfortable.
Can you imagine rolling up on a client with this get up. You know, your an accountant on an audit and you walk in break out a laptop and a desk of your own in like 5 minutes. Killa.

I mean look at this cat. He is of average size and seems to be making out alright in this congested entrance way. I have no idea why one would want to set up shop in the foyer, but to each their own. Personally I think its pretty freakin stupid. Where the hell is he gonna plug in after the battery dies? I guess thats where that concept of mobility will really come into play. Anyway, I just think this is a cool ass desk. They should make everyone work from one of these. Hey I wonder if you can go all Costanza and ball up inside of that thing when its closed up. Like a big sleeping egg. Now that is something to ponder....like returning to the womb.


BeckEye said...

That reminds me of something Dr. Evil would have in his house.

TomCat said...

What's it called a MyPod?