Thursday, March 6, 2008

You should get out and look at the morning sky.

Check out this moon sliver and Jupiter. Good stuff. If you get up before the crack of dawn like me, you should take a few minutes to look south in the sky. There are some planets that are fun to watch right now. They are moving pretty fast across the sky now, but for the past few weeks they have provided plenty of beautiful solar system moments for me while I eat a bowl of Special K red berries with a cut up banana and soy milk. Yes I need to shed some pounds off my fat ass. But I digress, get out there and look at the sky. It will make you think about life outside of this planet. Observing the wonders of our universe by sky gazing puts you in touch with the force that holds us together, binds us, flow through us. Okay Okay, sorry to get all yoda on you there. But here is another update for you. Remember that exploding comet? That is the white fuzzy thing and its hanging out by the California nebula. I bet you had no idea that Cali had a nebula named after it.


AuroraSkye said...

Oooo how beautiful! Thanks for these images and information. :-)

I still like to come back and check out this blog -- it is a neat one. I was on the "to check out" list here for awhile but I guess I didn't make the grade for being a permanent fixture. (grin) Don't worry == I don't blame you == I don't always blog regularly and when I do it has been rather down (*especially lately). Hopefully when/if my life circumstances change - my blog can become more interesting too. :-D

Butterfly said...

that is stunning.

maybe i can get up at the crack of dawn to check it out. :)

BeckEye said...

The top pic is pretty...but it kind of looks like it should be the flag of some Communist country.