Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What your missing up there in the sky.

First some solar update. If you got a solar telly, get that baby out and on the sun. Look at all that activity.
There is a ripple in the community of sun watchers. I myself would love to join this group of obsessive observers, but I am still an old schooler. By Old schooler I mean I have all the technology the ancient greeks and egyptians had. Thats right point and stare baby. But that brings me to this next picture.
I would love to snap shots like this. But all I can do is watch a dot move rather steadily across the sky. Its all good though. This is the space station and the shuttle Endeavor moving across the sky. If you live around the ESMD, you can catch the dots around 8:30 at night for now.

Either way, get out and look up. You might be surprised in what you find.


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean "What You're Missing"?

Historical Wit said...

yeah, but I was under the influence when I wrote this. And I was at work. So there was an element of panic and terror when I was posting...