Monday, March 24, 2008

Reason # 572 why IBM Thinkpads kick ass.

So I was chillin with the little one on Saturday morning. We had settled in our routine of meandering around the house until it was warm enough to get outside. There is usually a break in the action from 9 to 10 so she can watch Diego and Dora, so I started to flip through the channels on the tube and found on Discover at 9:30 they were going with a live HD feed from the International Space Station. It was pretty cool. I have seen plenty of hazy, snow filled images from NASA over the years. It is high time they go all HD all the time. Anyway, it was just what you thought it would be, right down to the obligatory floating oj juice ball. I know lame. But think about it, what are they really going to show you? Here check out this top secret DOD experiment we are doing. Right. Anyway as they were showing the capsule where the American dude was camping out, there were 8 maybe 10 laptops hooked up to stations down the wall. Astronaut guy said when they have to operate the space station they usually do it from these laptops. Each laptop was an IBM Thinkpad. Yeah baby. Workhorse of the ISS. Get some. Thats pretty damn cool considering they stopped making the IBM version like 18 months ago. Its Lenovo now. Still the same bad ass laptop though. And even though they are a few years old, these Think Pads kick so much ass, they are still used by NASA. So toss that Dell in the closet and get a Think Pad.


gull92 said...


Came across the same program this weekend. It totally kicked ass! Funny, I remarked about the Thinkpads to my wife.

I was only mildly diappointed when I saw the copyright date at the end of the show - it should explain some things - 2006. Maybe "plausibly live" would be a more apt description?


Historical Wit said...

What a bitch! I should sue for personal injury!

Anonymous said...

If I remember right, the space shuttle is run with 386 chips. Apparently you don't need a lot of processing power to control a space shuttle.